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  1. Negotiation is part of life and business: We should accept from the very beginning that negotiation is part of our life. If you want to go to the bar at Friday night but your girlfriend want to watch movie or dinner with you at the same time, negotiation begin. And if your kid wants a puppy but you think that it is not a good idea, negotiation happens. You see, negotiation is everywhere in our life and therefore escaping from negotiation is very difficult.
  2. Have an attitude that desire that they also win: It is human nature to cover ourselves and get what we want. Most of the time people will neglect other people’s wants and desires. However to cultivate a long term relationship, during negotiation you need to also think of a way that have the other side win also.
  3. Willing to listen: Perhaps the most important negotiation skills is listening. You are going to actively listen to what other people said. What do they want? What do they think? What are their frustration? You may want to write down what they say and some questions you want to ask, then write down their answer when they answer back. From other person point of view it shows that you are highly respecting them. Furthermore, you are able to “help” them by allowing them to get what they want, at the same time you also get what you want.
  4. Clear and concise in your desire: Do you really know what you want during negotiation? It is often the case when you are talking too much, but people still don’t quite understand what you really want, or a clear boundary that if someone goes beyond that, you will not accept it. Be very clear on what you want and communicate it to other people is the key when negotiating with others.
  5. Try your best to keep your emotion out of the dealing: People get emotional very easily when they negotiate with others. For example, if you are offering something that is too low they may feel offended. They will think that you did not appreciate them as a person or did not respect their product or services, even if you do not do so! In this case, what you need to do is to focus on facts. What are the facts in the deal? The key here is to identify clearly what are the facts and start from only the facts, and keep your emotion completely out. Your focus is to work on the facts, not discuss how offend you are.
  6. Make sure each side understand each other well: Two very useful statements in negotiation are: 1. “Let me see if I understand you correctly. What you would like to say is…”. (to make sure you understand them) 2. “So based on what I have told you so far, would you mind please repeat back your understanding of what I’ve said?” (To make sure they understand you). The key here is to make sure that you listen to what they want you to hear and vice versa. Just because you said something doesn’t mean that they are hearing! To achieve that result what you need to do is to clarify, clarify and clarify. Only by understanding each other can you make an agreement that both parties win.
  7. Focus on solution: The key to have good negotiation is to focus on solution, but not problem. Basically the other parties want good price and good product, while what you need is a good profit margin. The next step will be to find a solution that solves both parties need. Therefore, keep asking yourself the question: What is the solution to this?
  8. Cultivating the negotiation so that the end result is a future business relationship: When you are putting a hard time to come up with an agreement, you would not want it to be a one-time deal. Successful business owner knows that selling to existing customers is much more easier, and cheaper, then finding and selling to a new customer. In other words, when you are negotiating, think of it as a long term agreement by cultivating an ongoing relationship, and expect to do business with the same parties again and again.